John Deere parts catalog 7200 maxemerge

John Deere Parst catalog Planter 7200 MAXEMERGE

John Deere 7200 8 row pneumatic seed drill
John Deere 7200 pneumatic drill designed for precision sowing of row crops with a row spacing of 70 cm.
Seed drill vacuum provides accurate dispensing of seeds within a relatively wide range of seeding rates at the ideal placement at the bottom of the furrow: corn, sunflowers, etc. .

Technical characteristics of John Deere 7200. Type of drill – trailed vacuum 8 rows
Number of rows to be sown – 8,
Width between the rows – 70 cm
Seeding depth – 16…100 mm,
Seed hopper capacity – 58 l x 8 pcs , total capacity 464
Hopper capacity for dry fertiliser – 249 kg x 4 pcs., total volume 996 kg
Quantity of dry fertilizer – 53 – 802 kg/ha,
Seed drill type – pneumatic
Coulter movement – vertical – 25 cm
Coulter type – 2 discs Tru-Vee 360 mm with two copying wheels that follow the ground independently of each other in the range up to 5 cm, while maintaining a pre-set sowing depth
The type of packer wheels are double V-shaped,
Coulter pressure on the soil – up to 70 kg,
No-Till disc coulter pressure on soil- 185-227 kg,
Working width of seed drill, m – 5,6
Length in working position (during sowing) – 4,62 m
Length in folded condition – 2.42 m
Transport dimensions (width x height x length), m – 5.87 x 1.95 x 4.62

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