Meet the John Deere Kids

Meet the John Deere Kids Team

Meet everyone’s best friend, Gator! Our super-handy, zippy, always on the go utility vehicle! This little guy is always raring to take a bite out of life!

Can’t Get Enough of Gator!

Everything about dump trucks is awesome! They’re big, they’re tough, they’re hard-working … and they get to play in the dirt!

Meet The John Deere ‘Dump’ Truck!

Meet Tractor! She is always ready for adventure and faces all kinds of challenges with confidence and determination!

We Love❤️ Our Tractor!

Meet Combine! He’s big and strong, but he’s just a little kid at heart. This green farm equipment is happy to help on the farm with tons of cutting

Say Hello To The Big Farm Combine

When you need some serious muscle on a tough construction job, you DEFINITELY need a Dozer! Dozer is a huge John Deere Yellow Bulldozer who can really help out on a farm with everything dirt.

Meet Dozer 🚜 The Big Yellow Bulldozer!

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