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John Deere Customer Service ADVISOR

John Deere Customer Service ADVISOR is a set of John Deere software products that allows you to diagnose problems with John Deere machines, as well as to make your own repairs. This software product contains a complete database of John Deere operation and maintenance manuals. It lets you keep your John Deere equipment up and running and lets you quickly repair minor damage without waiting for a John Deere service technician, which reduces downtime and consequently minimizes the cost of John Deere equipment downtime.

Web subscriptions offer the following features for customers:

  • Unlimited 24/7 access to a database of service manuals, service manuals and diagnostics from a laptop anytime, as long as you have access to the Internet

Capabilities of the installed Customer Service ADVISOR application on a compatible computer, (** does not work on all devices, please read the technical requirements for the laptop to install Customer Service ADVISOR for details):

  • Stand-alone operation without Internet access, availability of all manuals and technical manuals offline
  • Ability to connect to machines via data interface (EDL).
  • Ability to reset and clear error codes.
  • Able to switch machines from emergency mode to run mode.
  • Extensive machine diagnostics and breakdown detection capabilities.
  • Ability to do some calibration of power units and components.

This tool can be purchased from your local John Deere dealer or from the official John Deere Store website at John Third-party John Deere Services Advisor tools are also available online.

In addition to a subscription, you will also need to purchase a laptop, a cable to connect to the service ports, and an EDL V2 tester.

To view the technical and system requirements for the John Deere Service ADVISOR, click here

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