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A Benchmark in John Deere Expertise

In Leesburg, Everglades Equipment Group stands as a testament to John Deere’s unparalleled prowess. Our curated collection comprises elite machinery, ranging from the formidable John Deere Agriculture Equipment to the agile Compact Utility Tractors. The Lawn Equipment promises superior landscaping, whereas the Gator Utility Vehicles offer robust mobility for various landscapes. For construction projects demanding precision and power, our Compact Construction Equipment rises to the occasion. And for those dedicated to the meticulous care of golf greens and sports turfs, our specialized range ensures impeccable results.

Beyond our products, our dedication to the John Deere legacy shines through our top-notch Equipment Repair & Service department, ensuring your machinery stays in peak condition. And for those discerning about quality, our parts division houses genuine John Deere components exclusively.

For patrons considering financing solutions, we extend bespoke Financing and Leasing plans. When it comes to John Deere in Leesburg, Everglades Equipment Group remains unmatched in expertise and dedication.

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