Everglades Equipment Group Loxahatchee

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The Apex of John Deere Mastery

Situated in Loxahatchee, Everglades Equipment Group is the epitome of John Deere excellence. Our inventory is a masterful selection of top-tier machines. From the robust John Deere Agriculture Equipment to the versatile Compact Utility Tractors, our offerings exemplify unmatched performance. Our Lawn Equipment ensures pristine grounds, while the Gator Utility Vehicles provide dynamic adaptability across terrains. For those delving into construction, our Compact Construction Equipment guarantees precision and reliability. And for those dedicated to the sanctity of golf courses and sports fields, we offer the finest in Golf & Sports Turf machinery.

But our commitment doesn’t end at sales. Our Equipment Repair & Service department is geared to maintain the unparalleled performance of John Deere machinery. And, to cater to those particular about authenticity, we house an exclusive stock of genuine John Deere parts.

Considering a purchase? Our tailored Financing and Leasing options ensure that your investment is sound and straightforward. At Loxahatchee’s Everglades Equipment Group, John Deere’s legacy of excellence is not just upheld; it’s celebrated.

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