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Your John Deere Destination

Nestled in Palmetto, the Everglades Equipment Group marks the intersection of dedication and excellence, proudly representing John Deere’s unparalleled machinery lineage.

Farmers seeking advanced solutions will find solace in our John Deere Agriculture Equipment—designed to usher in a new era of productive farming. The Compact Utility Tractors redefine versatility, whereas our Lawn Equipment champions every gardener’s aspiration for manicured greens. Experience the robustness of our Gator Utility Vehicles and witness the potency of our Compact Construction Equipment. And for those sculpting the greens of golf courses or managing sports turfs, we provide instruments crafted for precision.

However, our association with John Deere goes beyond sales. Our Equipment Repair & Service wing embodies the John Deere promise, ensuring each machinery piece retains its pristine condition using authentic John Deere parts.

Planning on an addition to your machinery fleet? Explore our customized Financing and Leasing options for a seamless procurement journey. Dive into the world of superior machinery at Everglades Equipment Group in Palmetto—where John Deere’s legacy thrives.

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