PTA 524181.19 – Incorrect CAN BUS Message, Desired Acceleration from TIA Control Software

PTA 524181.19 (PTA )

Code: 524181.19



This diagnostic trouble code is generated when the TIA control software is unable to determine the desired value for acceleration when changing direction of travel (DTOAPR) and cannot provide the CAN BUS with relevant data. A transmitted replacement value generates this diagnostic trouble code in the PTA control software.


Limited or no function of the control software until the error is corrected, indicating a critical issue with CAN BUS communication.


Inspect TIA Control Software:

  • Verify that the TIA control software is functioning correctly.
  • Update the TIA control software if necessary.

Check CAN BUS Communication:

  • Ensure that the CAN BUS communication between the TIA and PTA control software is intact.
  • Repair any communication issues.

Examine Direction of Travel System:

  • Verify that the components involved in direction of travel control are functioning correctly.
  • Repair or replace any faulty components.

Examine Wiring and Connectors:

  • Inspect all wiring and connectors associated with the CAN BUS and direction of travel system for signs of damage or disconnection.
  • Repair or replace any damaged components to ensure proper electrical connections.

Consult Technical Support:

  • If the issue persists, consult technical support or the manufacturer for further diagnosis and assistance.


Accurate data on desired acceleration when changing direction is crucial for vehicle operation. Regular inspection and maintenance of the CAN BUS system can help prevent communication issues.

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