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John Deere HV1 Fault Codes / John Deere HV1 Diagnostic Trouble Codes

John Deere HV1 fault codes, also known as John Deere HV1 diagnostic trouble codes, are essential for diagnosing and troubleshooting issues in John Deere equipment. These codes provide precise information about various system malfunctions, enabling efficient maintenance and repair.

Common John Deere HV1 Fault Codes:
  • HV1 000158.03 – HV I Switched Supply Voltage High
    This code indicates that the switched supply voltage to the Hitch Control Unit (HV I) is above 16.0 V, suggesting an overvoltage issue. Regular checks on the power supply and Vehicle Load Center (VLC) diagnostics are recommended.
  • HV1 000158.04 – HV I Switched Supply Voltage Low
    This code signals that the switched supply voltage to the Hitch Control Unit (HV I) is below 9.0 V, indicating an undervoltage problem. Inspect power supply lines and VLC diagnostics to resolve this issue.
  • HV1 002035.09 – HCC Message Missing
    When the Hitch Valve Control Unit (HV I) does not receive required messages from the Hitch Control Center (HCC), this code appears. Check communication lines and module functionality.
  • HV1 004084.07 – HV I Not in FLOAT Position
    This code means the Hitch Control Valve (HV I) is not reaching the FLOAT position, which is crucial for smooth hitch operation. Regular maintenance of the hydraulic system and valve checks are necessary.
  • HV1 004084.16 – HV I Overshot Commanded Position
    This error shows the Hitch Control Valve (HV I) is overshooting the desired position. Calibration and inspection of the actuator mechanism are recommended.
  • HV1 004084.18 – HV I Failed to Reach Commanded Position
    This code indicates the Hitch Control Valve (HV I) is undershooting the desired position. Ensuring proper calibration and hydraulic pressure checks can prevent this issue.
  • HV1 004085.07 – HV I Not in NEUTRAL Position
    This code signifies the Hitch Control Valve (HV I) is not in the NEUTRAL position. Manual checks and calibration of the valve can help resolve this issue.
  • HV1 004085.12 – HV1 Control Unit Fault
    When the Hitch Valve Control Unit (HV I) software fails to execute within the allotted time, this code appears. Restarting the control unit and updating its software are effective solutions.
Recommendations for Handling HV1 Fault Codes:
  1. Regular Maintenance: Consistent inspection and upkeep of hydraulic systems, electrical connections, and control units prevent most HV1 faults.
  2. Diagnostic Tools: Utilize John Deere diagnostic tools for accurate detection and resolution of HV1 fault codes.
  3. Software Updates: Keep all control unit software up-to-date to ensure optimal performance and prevent execution failures.
  4. Training: Equip technicians with proper training on HV1 diagnostic trouble codes and maintenance procedures.

Understanding and effectively addressing John Deere HV1 fault codes is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of John Deere equipment. Regular maintenance, accurate diagnostics, and timely software updates are key to preventing and resolving these issues.

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