AIC codes

John Deere AIC Fault Codes / AIC Error Codes

The Armrest Integrated Controller (AIC) plays a crucial role in centralizing the processing and integration of control signals within John Deere tractors. It effectively broadcasts signals across CAN Bus and LIN Bus systems, coordinating the tractor’s various systems. This component is essential, especially in tractors with the CommandARM™ control system, where it resides in the A012 control unit and forms an integral part of the cab control unit.

AIC software processes a broad range of inputs from devices such as:

  • Various positioned LIN Bus Modules (e.g., H, W, D, E, P, F, G, S, K)
  • Electro-hydraulic distributor control levers (E-SCV)
  • Speed control sensors
  • Front and rear PTO switches
  • Throttle and transmission control lever potentiometers

By ensuring precise signal processing and transmission, the AIC allows tractors to accurately respond to operator commands and manage load operations among other control functions. When it detects signal discrepancies or errors, the system logs specific AIC error codes to help diagnose and resolve system issues.

These error codes are vital for the maintenance and repair processes, allowing for the quick identification and resolution of issues related to the tractor’s electronic and hydraulic systems. By addressing every signal discrepancy or operational fault promptly, these codes help maintain optimal tractor performance and safety.