RPT 523908.14 – INFORMATION FOR OPERATOR: Remote Control Switch for Rear PTO is Activated

RPT 523908.14 (RPT )

Code: 523908.14



This operator information (diagnostic trouble code), RPT 523908.14, is generated when the remote control switch for the rear PTO is turned on.


This is an informational code and does not affect the functionality of the control software.


Verify Operator Intent:

  • Confirm that the activation of the remote control switch for the rear PTO was intentional.
  • If the activation was unintentional, inform the operator and provide training on the correct use of the remote control switch.

Inspect Remote Control Switch:

  • Check the remote control switch for proper operation and ensure it is not faulty.
  • Replace the switch if it is found to be defective.


This code serves as a notification to the operator about the status of the remote control switch for the rear PTO. Regular checks and proper training can help prevent unintentional activations and ensure correct usage.

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