SSU 000628.12 – SSU Programming

SSU 000628.12 (SSU 628.12)

Code: 000628.12

Shortcode: 628.12


This code is generated when the Steering System Control Unit (SSU) detects that it is in the process of updating software. This indicates that the SSU is undergoing a software update or loading new software.


During this process, no functions are available until the programming is complete. The SSU will be temporarily inoperative, but this is a normal part of the update process.


Wait for Programming to Complete:

  • Allow the software update or programming process to complete without interruption.

Ensure Stable Power Supply:

  • Ensure that the equipment is connected to a stable power supply during the update process to prevent interruptions.


This code is not an error and does not require diagnosis. It is a normal indication that the SSU is being updated.

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