John Deere R975i sprayer

Answering the question: What technology does the John Deere R975i sprayer have?

From the Editor:
The John Deere R900 Series sprayers represent a number of top-of-the-line and innovative solutions. A few days ago we had the opportunity to see the R975i with the PowrSpray spray system, a 7,500-liter tank and a 36-meter boom.

John Deere R975i is the largest John Deere trailed sprayer model. Fertilizer tank capacity is up to 7500 liters, spraying width in one pass is 36 meters. Equipped with the PowrSpray system, which allows delivery of up to 1200 l/minute, with an application accuracy of 98%.

The machine is equipped with the PowrSpray system with a double pumping system.
The sprayer can be equipped with a spray boom in 25cm increments. Each sprayer can be controlled independently and individually. Which increases productivity and application accuracy.

The first PowrSpray pump is 1000 l/min and the filling pump 1200 l/min. Interesting is the fact that you can fill the tank with the possibility of pausing the process. At this time you can also use the induction bowl to dissolve products or wash packaging.

One of the most interesting technologies is the positioning of the nozzles, which can be placed every 25 cm and controlled separately. This not only increases spraying accuracy, but also makes it possible to program, for example, the spraying of rows of plants. The operator has the unlimited possibility to place individual nozzles at different distances, e.g. every 25 or 75 cm.

The machine operator also has the possibility to use application maps sent remotely through the Operational Center platform – complete information about the dose, type and field boundaries.

Intelligent solutions ensure a high level of accuracy and maximum productivity in a modern way. The R900i series sprayers are equipped with intelligent features and integrated solutions, such as TerrainCommand™ Pro, individual nozzle control, 25 cm nozzle spacing and AutoDilute, which make spraying faster, easier and more accurate by balancing the amount of material sprayed.

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