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A Hub for Agricultural and Residential Equipment

Castongia Tractor in DeMotte, IN, stands as a significant John Deere dealer in the region, catering to both agricultural and residential needs. This location is a go-to source for a wide array of John Deere equipment.

Comprehensive Services and Products

  • Agricultural Solutions: They offer a robust lineup of tractors, combines, and other farming implements essential for modern agriculture.
  • Residential Equipment: The store provides an extensive range of lawn mowers, compact utility tractors, and garden equipment, ideal for homeowners.
  • Parts and Service Department: Their parts department is well-stocked, and the service team is adept at handling repairs and maintenance.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: The staff at Castongia Tractor are known for their expertise and dedication to helping customers find the perfect equipment for their needs.

Community Engagement

Castongia Tractor in DeMotte is deeply embedded in the local community, providing not just equipment but also support and guidance to ensure the success of their customers in both farming and home gardening.

For all your John Deere equipment needs, whether for large-scale farming or personal garden maintenance, visit Castongia Tractor in DeMotte, IN.

Castongia's Inc

📍 9146 N State Road 10
46310, USA, Indiana, DeMotte

📞 (219) 987-4626



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