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John Deere Farming Expert

Located on Griffin Drive (Alberton), Green Diamond Equipment in Bloomfield, is a renowned dealer serving Alberton, O’Leary, Tignish, and surrounding areas. This dealership is committed to meeting the diverse needs of customers, offering a wide range of John Deere agriculture equipment. From utility tractors to large agricultural tractors and implements, Green Diamond Equipment provides the necessary tools for various farming, landscaping, and land cultivation tasks.

John Deere Agriculture Equipment Range

Green Diamond Equipment in Bloomfield offers an extensive selection of both new and pre-owned John Deere farming equipment:

  • Tractors;
  • Precision Agriculture;
  • Harvesters;
  • Cutters & Shredders;
  • Tillage;
  • Planting & Seeding;
  • Nutrient Application;
  • Self-Propelled Sprayers;
  • Hay & Forage.

This range caters to various agricultural activities, ensuring that farmers and landowners have access to the best tools for their specific requirements.

John Deere Parts and Service in Bloomfield

Understanding the need for continuous equipment maintenance and support, Green Diamond Equipment Bloomfield offers a comprehensive range of original John Deere parts:

  • Engine Components: Filters, belts, spark plugs, and more
  • Hydraulic Parts: Pumps, hoses, valves
  • Transmission Components: Gears, clutches
  • Electrical Systems: Batteries, starters
  • Wear and Tear Items: Blades, tines, and other replaceable parts

These parts are essential for maintaining the functionality and extending the lifespan of John Deere agriculture machinery.

The company is recognized for its integrity and experience, reflecting the quality of John Deere equipment. Green Diamond Equipment’s commitment to 5-stars service ensures that all John Deere machinery, from tractors to harvesters, remains in optimal working condition.