A 20-Year Legacy of Exceptional Service

For two decades, Green Tractors Odessa has been a cornerstone in the community, providing vital repairs and parts for local farmers. Specializing in turf supplies and materials, the dealership also offers an array of reliable agricultural equipment. This includes lawn and garden supplies, compact tractors, Gators, and more. Green Tractors Odessa prides itself on being a small shop with a big heart, delivering inescapably superb service. It’s a place where even kids are drawn to, with irresistible toys on display!

Green Tractors Odessa caters to a broad spectrum of customers, including local farmers, homeowners, and various professionals. Regardless of the customer’s background or job role, the common denominator is the need for top-notch equipment to efficiently complete tasks. The dedicated team at Green Tractors Odessa ensures that every customer finds exactly what they need with minimal hassle.

About Green Tractors

As a full-service John Deere dealer, Green Tractors provides a wide range of equipment for diverse applications such as agriculture, construction, commercial, residential, and sports turf. The inventory at Green Tractors includes well-known brands like John Deere, Stihl, Lemken, and Jaylor. Serving customers across the Greater Toronto area and other regions in Ontario, Green Tractors is committed to responsible corporate citizenship and actively supports local communities.

John Deere Lawn Equipment at Green Tractors Odessa

Green Tractors Odessa offers an extensive selection of John Deere lawn and garden equipment, tailored for various property sizes and seasonal needs:

  • Lawn Mowers;
  • Zero Turn Mowers;
  • Commercial Lawn Mowers;
  • Stand-On Lawn Mowers;
  • Front Mount Mowers;
  • Wide Area Mowers.

The knowledgeable staff assists customers in selecting the right John Deere tools for specific requirements, including snow removal equipment.

John Deere Golf and Sports Turf Equipment at Green Tractors Odessa

At Odessa business unit, customers can find specialized John Deere equipment for golf courses and sports turf maintenance:

  • E-Cut Hybrid Mowers;
  • Fairway Mowers;
  • Walking Greens Mowers;
  • Rough, Trim & Surrounds Mowers;
  • Bunker Rakes;
  • Lawn Top Dressers;
  • Gator Utility Vehicles;
  • Golf Turf Sprayers;
  • Utility Tractors;
  • Various Attachments & Accessories.

This professional equipment ensures precision result.

John Deere Agricultural Machinery at Green Tractors Odessa

Green Tractors Odessa offers a diverse range of John Deere machinery, catering to various farming scales and requirements:

  • Tractors;
  • Harvesters;
  • Hay & Forage Equipment;
  • Planting & Seeding Farm Equipment;
  • Precision Agriculture Solutions;
  • Tillage Farm Implements;
  • Rotary Cutters & Shredders;
  • Frontier Implements.

With John Deere farming machinery, that ensuring efficient agricultural operations, customers perform a wide variety of tasks on a daily basis.

John Deere Compact Construction Equipment at Green Tractors Odessa

Compact John Deere construction equipment, ideal for both agricultural and construction tasks, is available at Odessa branch:

  • Compact Excavators;
  • Skid Steers;
  • Compact Track and Wheel Loaders.

The John Deere compact construction equipment is perfect for tight spaces and high efficiency.

Essential Quality Parts for John Deere Equipment

Green Tractors Odessa ensures comprehensive a well-stocked inventory and efficient ordering system, offering a wide range of John Deere parts and accessories:

  • Hydraulic Components, Hydraulic Filters;
  • Engine and Transmission Parts;
  • Running Gear and Mobility Components;
  • Mowing and Harvesting Equipment Parts;
  • Golf & Sports Turf Equipment Parts;
  • General Parts: Filters, Batteries, Controllers, Electric Parts.

The Odessa branch is committed to sourcing any required products of brand, when they are not immediately available in stock, ensuring customers always have what they need.