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In the heart of Piggott, Arkansas, Legacy Equipment is more than a dealership; it’s an embodiment of quality, precision, and innovation, serving as the premier outlet for John Deere’s stellar range of agricultural and landscaping equipment.

Unmatched Inventory

Legacy Equipment’s rich catalog in Piggott is a blend of variety and quality. From versatile tractors and efficient lawn mowers to specialized farming implements, every piece of equipment is designed to address distinct agricultural challenges with precision.

Expertise at Your Service

Every visit to Legacy Equipment in Piggott is complemented by interactions with a team of highly knowledgeable professionals. Their adept insights and tailored recommendations are shaped by a profound understanding of both John Deere technology and the specific agricultural nuances of the Piggott landscape.

Maintenance and Repair

The post-purchase experience at Legacy Equipment is defined by comprehensive support. A dedicated team of technicians, trained and certified, stands ready to provide meticulous maintenance and repair services, ensuring every John Deere machine operates at its optimal capacity.

Rooted in the Community

Legacy Equipment is not just a store but a community entity. Its services and offerings are fine-tuned to resonate with the distinct agricultural and environmental characteristics of Piggott, offering a personalized touch that amplifies efficiency and productivity.

Technological Excellence

Each John Deere machine at Legacy Equipment epitomizes the pinnacle of technological innovation. Farmers and landscapers in Piggott are not just purchasing equipment but are investing in advanced technology designed to elevate operational efficacy and output quality.

Flexible Financial Options

Accessibility is a core tenet of Legacy Equipment’s service charter. Through a range of flexible financing options, premium John Deere equipment is brought within reach for every aspiring owner, fostering an environment of inclusivity and growth.

The Legacy Distinctiveness

Selecting Legacy Equipment in Piggott marks the beginning of a journey characterized by quality, support, and innovation. It’s a convergence point for John Deere’s global excellence and the localized agricultural brilliance of Piggott, a partnership forged to catalyze transformative agricultural and landscaping successes.


📍 197 E Pfeiffer St.
72454, USA, Arkansas, Piggott

📞 870-598-2221

✉️ srussom@legacyequipment.com

🌐 https://www.legacyequipment.com/