Innovating Agriculture in Gem State

Nestled in the fertile valleys of Preston, Idaho, Stotz Equipment stands as a beacon of agricultural innovation. This John Deere dealership is dedicated to empowering the local farming industry with state-of-the-art machinery and unparalleled service.

Leading with John Deere Excellence

Stotz Equipment in Preston prides itself on a diverse range of John Deere equipment that’s engineered to meet the demands of Idaho’s diverse agriculture. From tractors that navigate varying terrain with ease to harvesters that maximize crop yield, we deliver machines that are synonymous with durability and precision.

Financing Tailored for You

Recognizing the financial complexities of farming, Stotz Equipment offers personalized financing options. Our team is committed to facilitating the growth of your farm with financial plans that are transparent and attuned to your needs.

Unmatched Service and Support

Our promise of quality extends beyond sales. Stotz Equipment in Preston provides comprehensive service solutions, including expert maintenance, a vast inventory of genuine parts, and responsive field support to ensure your equipment’s longevity.

A Foundation in Preston

Stotz Equipment is more than just a business in Preston; we are a part of its foundation. We invest in the community that has welcomed us, striving to contribute to its prosperity and the success of its people.

Partner with Us for Agricultural Success

Embark on a journey of agricultural excellence with Stotz Equipment in Preston. Visit us and let our team show you how the right equipment can redefine the potential of your farm.

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