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Expanding Excellence in Houlton

UNITED AG & TURF in Houlton, ME, part of the larger UNITED AG & TURF network, continues the legacy of providing exceptional John Deere equipment and services. This location, like others in the network, benefits from the consolidation of various dealerships, enhancing its ability to serve the local community with an expanded range of products and services.

Comprehensive John Deere Product Range

Customers visiting UNITED AG & TURF in Houlton can explore a wide selection of John Deere equipment. This includes tractors, combines, sprayers, riding mowers, and a variety of agricultural and landscaping tools, all designed to meet the diverse needs of modern farming and property maintenance.

Expert Service and Support

The Houlton location is equipped with a skilled service team ready to handle all types of equipment, from small residential lawn mowers to larger agricultural machinery. Their expertise ensures that every piece of equipment is maintained and repaired to the highest standards.

Knowledgeable and Welcoming Staff

The staff at UNITED AG & TURF in Houlton is known for their knowledge and customer-friendly approach. They are committed to helping customers find the best equipment and solutions for their specific needs, ensuring a satisfying and informative shopping experience.

Part of a Strong, United Network

As a member of the United Ag & Turf NE Leadership Team, the Houlton location enjoys the benefits of increased buying power, improved parts availability, and expanded service expertise. This united approach ensures better selection, availability, and pricing for customers.

Committed to the Community

UNITED AG & TURF in Houlton is dedicated to its partnership with the local community and customers. They are focused on growing together and being the trusted service provider of choice in the region.

Visit UNITED AG & TURF in Houlton, ME, for a comprehensive selection of John Deere equipment and experience the commitment to quality, service, and customer satisfaction that defines the United Ag & Turf brand.

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