A Pillar in Agricultural Solutions

Western Sales Rosetown, a part of a six-store network, it has grown from a small shop to one of Canada’s largest John Deere dealership networks, specializing in providing advanced agricultural and turf machinery and technology. Celebrating the anniversary 75 years, Western Sales serves as a key John Deere dealership in West-Central Saskatchewan.

John Deere Agricultural Equipment in Rosetown

The Rosetown branch offers a variety of new and used John Deere farming equipment, including:

  • Harvesting Equipment: S Series Combines, X Series Combines, and more.
  • Seeding Equipment: Air drills, commodity air carts, no-till air drills, and box drills.
  • Cutters & Shredders: Rotary cutters, grooming mowers, flail mowers, and shredders.
  • Hay Equipment: Equipment for cutting and baling hay.
  • Row Crop Tractors: Models like the 6R, 7R, and 8R series.
  • Tillage Equipment: Tools for field preparation and tillage.
  • Spraying Equipment: Various models for application needs.
  • Precision Ag Technology: Solutions connecting machines, people, and technology.
  • 4WD & Track Tractors: 9 Series Tractors for heavy-duty tasks.

Lawn and Turf John Deere Equipment

In addition to agricultural equipment, Rosetown offers a range of lawn and turf equipment:

  • Compact Tractors: 1-4 Series Compact Utility Tractors.
  • Lawn Tractors: Suitable for various lawn care tasks.
  • Zero Turn Mowers: Efficient mowing with multiple deck options.
  • Gator Utility Vehicles: Versatile vehicles for various tasks.
  • Utility Tractors: 5 and 6 Series for diverse applications.
  • Commercial Mowing: Commercial mowers tailored for lawn care businesses.
  • Frontier Attachments: Over 600 implements and attachments.

Additionally, the business unit offers parts from brands like Bourgault, Brandt, Honey Bee, and others.

Genue Parts for John Deere Equipment

Western Sales Rosetown provides specific parts for various types of John Deere equipment:

  • Components for combines.
  • Parts for air drills, no-till drills, and box drills.
  • Blades and parts for mowers and shredders.
  • Equipment for hay cutting, baling, and processing.
  • Parts for different series of John Deere tractors.
  • Tools for soil preparation and cultivation.
  • Components for various models of sprayers.
  • Advanced tech components for precision farming.
  • Parts for utility tractors used in various tasks.

Western Sales Excellence Service in Rosetown

Since 1947, Western Sales has built a culture of exceptional customer service. The company focuses on minimizing downtime, especially during crucial planting and harvesting seasons. Offering 24/7 field service with a fleet of 40 mobile service trucks, Western Sales ensures rapid on-site repairs and maintenance.

Western Sales Ltd.

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S0L 2V0, Canada, Saskatchewan, Rosetown

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