Comprehensive Solutions for John Deere Equipment

Western Tractor Taber is a distinguished dealer of John Deere equipment, offering a broad spectrum of new and used agricultural machinery, compact construction equipment, turf equipment, parts, and smart farming technologies.

John Deere Equipment Range in Taber

Western Tractor Taber is the go-to place for farmers, contractors, and homeowners in Taber for John Deere equipment needs.

New and Used John Deere Agricultural Equipment

The dealership in Taber provides a wide array of new John Deere agricultural equipment including tractors, combines, and sprayers. Company also offers used machinery, presenting cost-effective solutions for customers looking for quality equipment at a lower price.

John Deere Compact Construction and Turf Equipment

Western Tractor Taber also specializes in John Deere’s compact construction machinery like loaders and excavators, and turf equipment such as lawn mowers, ideal for both professional landscapers and personal garden care.

Extensive Parts Inventory

Recognizing the importance of equipment maintenance, Western Tractor Taber maintains a vast inventory of John Deere parts, which includes:

  • Engine parts: Filters, spark plugs, and belts;
  • Hydraulic components: Pumps, hoses, and valves;
  • Transmission parts: Clutches, gears, and bearings;
  • Electrical parts: Batteries, starters, and alternators;
  • Wear and tear parts: Blades, tines, and other replaceable components.

Additionally, the dealership provides the convenience of ordering John Deere parts online.

John Deere Smart Farming Technologies

Western Tractor Taber is at the forefront of agricultural innovation, offering John Deere’s smart farming technologies. These include advanced GPS systems and farm management tools, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of modern farming practices.

Western Tractor Taber Social Media Community and Online Services

Customers can stay connected and informed about the latest company news, product updates, and promotions by joining Western Tractor social media communities.

Professional Service and Merchandise

Western Tractor Taber certified service technicians offer professional maintenance and repair services. For John Deere enthusiasts, a selection of branded merchandise for adults and children is available.

Western Tractor Company, Inc.

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T1G 2C6, Canada, Alberta, Taber

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