ACU 000581.07 (ACU 581.07 ) – Transmission Not Responding to Command

ACU 000581.07 (ACU 581.07)

Code: 000581.07

Shortcode: 581.07


This error code ACU 000581.07 indicates that the transmission is not responding to command inputs from the armrest control unit (ACU). The issue is specifically caused by the Power Take-off Interface (PTI) not responding to requests from the ACU.


As a result of this non-response, the control unit defaults the transmission to a neutral state to prevent unintended movements or damage, ensuring operator safety.


  • Check and verify the connections between the armrest control unit and the PTI for any physical damage, loose connections, or corrosion.
  • Use diagnostic software to perform a system check and identify any fault codes that may indicate where the disruption in communication is occurring.
  • Reset the ACU and PTI modules to see if this resolves the communication issue.
  • If resetting does not work, it may be necessary to replace faulty components or consult with a John Deere certified technician for advanced diagnostics and repair.


This error can significantly impact operational efficiency and safety. Immediate action is recommended to diagnose and rectify this issue to restore full functionality to the transmission system.