ACU 002003.09 (ACU 2003.09 ) – Missing PTI/PTP Communications

ACU 002003.09 (ACU 2003.09)

Code: 002003.09

Shortcode: 2003.09


This error code, ACU 2003.09, indicates a failure in the armrest control unit to receive essential messages from either the Power Take-off Interface (PTI) or the Power Train Processor (PTP). Such missing communications can disrupt critical power train operations and system monitoring.


As a direct consequence of these missing communications, the control unit automatically commands the vehicle to enter PARK mode. This action is a safety measure to prevent unintended operations that could occur due to the lack of proper communication.


  • Examine the connections between the armrest control unit and both the PTI and PTP for any signs of physical damage or loose connections that could be interrupting signal transmission.
  • Use diagnostic software to perform a system scan to check for additional error codes and to ensure that the PTI and PTP are functioning correctly and not missing any firmware updates.
  • Reset the communication modules to try to re-establish a stable link between the devices.
  • If resetting does not resolve the issue, further testing with specialized equipment may be necessary to pinpoint the exact source of the disruption.
  • Should issues continue, consulting with a qualified John Deere technician for in-depth diagnostics and possible component replacement is recommended.


Ensuring robust communication links between these units is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of the machinery. Regular checks and maintenance can help prevent such issues from arising.