ACU 523923.03 – High Voltage in SCV I Control Lever Sensor. John Deere Voltage Anomaly Alert

ACU 523923.03 (ACU )

Code: 523923.03



This error code, ACU 523923.03, indicates that the voltage level at the SCV I (Selective Control Valve I) control lever sensor is higher than expected. High sensor voltage could be due to electrical overloads, incorrect wiring, or faults within the sensor itself.


In response to this high voltage reading, the SCC (System Control Computer) has automatically disabled SCV I to prevent potential damage to the hydraulic system and ensure safe operation.


  • Inspect the wiring and connections leading to the SCV I control lever sensor for any signs of damage, wear, or improper connections that could be contributing to the high voltage readings.
  • Use a multimeter to measure the actual voltage levels at the sensor to verify that they are indeed outside the normal operating range. Compare these readings with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Check the electrical system, including the voltage regulator and alternator, for issues that might be causing spikes in the voltage supplied to the sensor.
  • Replace the SCV I control lever sensor if it is found to be faulty after these checks.
  • After addressing the issue, recalibrate the sensor to ensure it operates within the specified voltage range.


It is critical to resolve this high voltage issue promptly to avoid further complications or damage to the hydraulic control system. Regular maintenance and electrical system checks can help detect and prevent similar issues in the future.