ACU 523953.02 – Speed Control Lever Sensor Circuit Conflict

ACU 523953.02 (ACU )

Code: 523953.02



Error code ACU 523953.02 is generated when there is a conflict between voltage readings from sensors 1 and 2 of the AutoPowr/IVT speed control lever. This discrepancy suggests either an error in sensor calibration, a fault in the sensor itself, or an issue with the wiring.


To prevent erratic behavior and ensure safety, the control unit defaults the vehicle’s transmission to neutral when this sensor conflict occurs.


  • Inspect the speed control lever sensors for any physical damage or misalignment that could cause conflicting voltage readings.
  • Check the wiring connections for both sensors to ensure they are secure, free from corrosion, and not interfering with each other, which could cause electrical noise or false readings.
  • Measure the voltage outputs from both sensors to verify the conflict and diagnose whether recalibration or replacement is needed.
  • Recalibrate the sensors if the hardware checks out but discrepancies continue; follow manufacturer guidelines for calibration procedures.
  • If recalibration does not resolve the issue, consider replacing the sensors or the associated wiring harness to rectify the voltage conflict.


Voltage conflicts in critical control sensors like those for speed control can lead to significant operational disruptions. It is essential to address these issues promptly to maintain the safety and functionality of the machinery. Regular system checks and maintenance can help detect such problems early and avoid downtime.