ACU 524019.31 – RHR Transition Timing Issue

ACU 524019.31 (ACU )

Code: 524019.31



Error code ACU 524019.31 is generated when the Reversible Handle Reverser (RHR) lever takes longer than 5 seconds to transition from a neutral to a not-neutral position. This prolonged transition may indicate mechanical hindrances or control system delays.


Due to the delay in lever transition, the control unit cannot confirm that the lever is in the PARK position, which could lead to operational uncertainties and safety concerns.


  • Inspect the RHR lever mechanism for any signs of mechanical obstruction, wear, or damage that could be causing the delay in transition.
  • Check the lubrication and cleanliness of the moving parts associated with the RHR lever to ensure there are no physical barriers to smooth operation.
  • Measure the actual transition time using diagnostic tools to verify the extent of the delay and assess the effectiveness of potential fixes.
  • Adjust or recalibrate the control settings related to the RHR lever’s operation to optimize transition times according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • If mechanical adjustments and recalibrations do not shorten the transition time effectively, investigate potential issues with the electronic controls or software that governs the RHR system.
  • Consult a John Deere certified technician for a comprehensive diagnostic check if the problem persists after initial troubleshooting efforts.


Ensuring the RHR lever transitions promptly between positions is critical for accurate operation and safety. Regular maintenance, including mechanical inspections and control system checks, should be conducted to prevent issues related to transition delays.