ACU 524101.04 – Low Voltage in Front Hitch Control Lever Sensor

ACU 524101.04 (ACU )

Code: 524101.04



Error code ACU 524101.04 occurs when the voltage within the front hitch control lever sensor circuit is found to be lower than expected. This low voltage scenario may result from issues such as poor electrical connections, depleted power sources, or a failing sensor.


Due to the risk of incorrect hitch operation under low voltage conditions, the hitch system is automatically disabled to safeguard against unintended mechanical actions.


  • Inspect the sensor and its associated circuit for any signs of damage, wear, or loose connections that could lead to reduced voltage output.
  • Measure the voltage at the sensor and along the circuit using a multimeter to pinpoint areas where voltage drops may be occurring.
  • Check for any corrosion or deterioration on the wiring and connectors that might be impeding electrical flow and repair or replace them as necessary.
  • Review the power supply system, including batteries and alternators, if applicable, to ensure they are providing adequate power for the sensor circuit.
  • If the sensor itself is suspected to be faulty, conduct tests to verify its functionality or replace it if it cannot maintain the necessary voltage levels.


Regular electrical maintenance is crucial to prevent issues such as low voltage in critical control circuits. Ensuring that all components of the hitch control system are in good working order helps maintain operational safety and efficiency.