ACU 524103.03 – High Voltage in SCV IV Control Lever Sensor

ACU 524103.03 (ACU )

Code: 524103.03



Error code ACU 524103.03 is issued when the voltage in the sensor circuit of the SCV IV (Selective Control Valve IV) control lever is detected to be excessively high. This abnormal voltage could be due to an electrical overload, a malfunction within the sensor, or improper circuit connections.


In response to the high voltage, the System Control Computer (SCC) has automatically disabled the SCV IV function to prevent any potential damage to the hydraulic system and ensure operational safety.


  • Examine the SCV IV control lever sensor and its circuit for signs of electrical issues such as shorts, overloads, or damaged components that could be causing the high voltage.
  • Use diagnostic equipment to measure and verify the voltage levels at the sensor. Ensure these readings are compared against the manufacturer’s specified safe voltage ranges.
  • Inspect all wiring and electrical connections associated with the SCV IV sensor for damage, wear, or improper fittings that might contribute to voltage spikes.
  • Check the electrical system for any faults in voltage regulation devices that could be impacting the sensor circuit.
  • If necessary, recalibrate or replace the sensor to ensure it operates within normal voltage parameters. Ensure that any replacement parts are correctly installed and configured.


Managing voltage levels within the control systems of hydraulic machinery is critical for maintaining operational efficiency and preventing equipment damage. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to electrical anomalies are essential for sustaining reliable hydraulic functions.