ACU 524104.03 – Excessive Voltage in SCV III Control Lever Sensor

ACU 524104.03 (ACU )

Code: 524104.03



The error code ACU 524104.03 indicates that the voltage in the SCV III (Selective Control Valve III) control lever sensor circuit is abnormally high. This condition could be due to electrical overloads, faulty components, or improper wiring, which can lead to erroneous sensor readings and potentially unsafe hydraulic operations.


To prevent the risks associated with incorrect sensor signals, such as unintended hydraulic actions, the System Control Computer (SCC) has automatically disabled the SCV III function.


  • Inspect the SCV III control lever sensor and associated circuitry for any signs of damage or electrical faults that could be contributing to the high voltage readings.
  • Use a multimeter to measure the voltage levels at various points in the sensor circuit to pinpoint where the excessive voltage is occurring.
  • Check all related electrical connections and wiring for damage, wear, or improper configurations that could result in voltage spikes.
  • Evaluate the electrical system’s overall health, including checking for issues with voltage regulators or other components that might influence circuit voltages.
  • If necessary, recalibrate or replace the sensor to ensure it operates within normal voltage parameters. Make sure that any new or repaired components are properly integrated into the hydraulic system.


High voltage levels in control circuits can severely disrupt hydraulic system operations and pose safety risks. Regular monitoring and maintenance of the electrical system are crucial to detect and correct voltage issues promptly, ensuring reliable and safe machinery operation.