ACU 524105.04 – Low Voltage in SCV II Control Lever Sensor

ACU 524105.04 (ACU )

Code: 524105.04



This error code, ACU 524105.04, indicates that the voltage in the SCV II (Selective Control Valve II) control lever sensor circuit is lower than the normal operational threshold. Such low voltage may result from issues like poor electrical connections, a failing sensor, or an insufficient power supply, affecting the accuracy and reliability of the control lever’s position sensing.


Given the critical nature of accurate sensor feedback for hydraulic control, the System Control Computer (SCC) has disabled the SCV II function to prevent potential operational failures and ensure safety.


  • Inspect the SCV II control lever sensor and its associated circuitry for any signs of electrical wear or damage that could be contributing to the low voltage readings.
  • Use a multimeter to measure the voltage output at the sensor to confirm that it falls below the required operating range, and identify specific points of failure within the circuit.
  • Check all related wiring and electrical connections for looseness, corrosion, or breaks that could be affecting the voltage levels.
  • Assess the overall power supply to the sensor, including checking power sources like batteries and alternators (if applicable), to ensure they are providing adequate power.
  • If necessary, replace the sensor or repair any defective electrical components discovered during the diagnostic checks. After replacing or repairing, recalibrate the system to ensure the new components function correctly within the overall hydraulic system.


Regular maintenance and monitoring of the electrical components within the hydraulic control system are essential to maintaining operational integrity. Addressing issues like low voltage promptly helps ensure reliable machinery performance and prevents larger system malfunctions.