ACU 524212.03 – High Voltage in Rear Hitch Control Lever Sensor

ACU 524212.03 (ACU )

Code: 524212.03



The error code ACU 524212.03 is activated when the voltage in the rear hitch control lever sensor circuit is found to be excessively high. This abnormal voltage can indicate electrical malfunctions such as overloads or faults within the sensor or its wiring, potentially leading to incorrect hitch operation.


Due to the high voltage reading, the control system has disabled the hitch to prevent any possible damage or unsafe operation, ensuring the safety and integrity of the machinery.


  • Inspect the rear hitch control lever sensor and its associated circuitry for any signs of damage, wear, or electrical faults that could be causing the high voltage readings.
  • Measure the voltage levels using a multimeter or similar diagnostic tool to determine the specific areas where the voltage exceeds normal limits.
  • Check all electrical connections and wiring related to the sensor for damage, corrosion, or improper installations that might contribute to voltage irregularities.
  • Evaluate and possibly replace any faulty electrical components within the circuit, such as resistors, capacitors, or the sensor itself, that could be leading to voltage spikes.
  • After addressing the electrical issues, recalibrate or reset the sensor settings to ensure they align with operational requirements and safety standards.


Managing voltage levels within hydraulic control systems is crucial for maintaining operational safety and effectiveness. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to electrical issues are essential to prevent disruptions and ensure the reliable function of the hitch and other machinery components.