ACU 524254.31 – Transmission Enable Circuit Voltage Fault. John Deere Transmission Alert.

ACU 524254.31 (ACU )

Code: 524254.31



The error code ACU 524254.31 is triggered when the voltage in the transmission enable circuit is found to be incorrect, either too high or too low, which suggests potential issues with the electrical system controlling the transmission’s operational status.


Due to the uncertainty caused by the incorrect voltage, the control unit has not taken any action regarding the transmission operation to avoid potential malfunctions or unsafe conditions.


  • Inspect the transmission enable circuit, including all related wiring and connectors, for any signs of damage, wear, or improper connections that could be influencing the voltage levels.
  • Measure the voltage levels within the circuit using a multimeter to determine whether they are within the specified range for normal operation. This will help identify the points at which the voltage deviates from expected values.
  • Check for any components within the circuit, such as resistors, transistors, or other electrical components, that may be faulty or degraded and contributing to the voltage irregularity.
  • Ensure that the power supply and grounding connections to the transmission control system are secure and functioning correctly, as these can also affect circuit voltage.
  • If necessary, recalibrate or replace any faulty components identified during the diagnostic checks. After making repairs or adjustments, retest the circuit to ensure that the voltage levels are now correct and stable.


Regular maintenance of the electrical systems associated with transmission controls is crucial to ensure reliable operation and prevent issues that could lead to transmission failures or other operational hazards. Ensuring that all circuits are functioning within their designed specifications is key to maintaining overall vehicle performance and safety.