AIC 000629.12 (AIC 629.12) – AIC Control Unit Execution Delay

AIC 000629.12 (AIC 629.12)

Code: 000629.12

Shortcode: 629.12


This error code, AIC 629.12, arises when the software within the Armrest Interface Control Unit (AIC) fails to execute within the allotted time frame. This delay can indicate processing issues, such as system overloads or software inefficiencies, which prevent the control unit from performing its functions promptly.


As a safeguard against potential operational errors caused by the delayed software execution, the control unit has defaulted to a neutral state, halting all active functions to maintain system stability.


  • Investigate the cause of the software execution delay. Begin by checking the control unit’s processing load and system resources to ensure they are not being overly taxed.
  • Evaluate the AIC software configuration and any recent updates that may have affected its performance. Roll back recent updates if necessary to determine if they are the cause of the issue.
  • Increase system resources or optimize software settings to better accommodate the current operational demands.
  • If the problem persists, consider resetting or reinstalling the AIC software to correct any underlying issues that might be causing the execution delay.
  • After making necessary adjustments, monitor the AIC system closely to ensure that the software executes correctly and within the expected time frame.


Maintaining efficient and reliable software execution within the AIC is crucial for the smooth operation of John Deere machinery. Regular system checks, timely software updates, and appropriate resource management can help prevent issues related to software performance and ensure optimal functionality.