AIC 516315.09 – Missing Engine Speed Control Module Message

AIC 516315.09 (AIC )

Code: 516315.09



This diagnostic trouble code, AIC 516315.09, is activated when the Armrest Interface Control Unit (AIC) fails to receive a LIN message from the engine speed control module. This issue typically points to a problem within the LIN Bus system or the transmitting LIN Bus module, disrupting normal communication.


As a result of the missing message, the functionality of the engine speed control has been restricted to prevent incorrect operation and potential damage to the engine system.


  • Conduct a thorough inspection of the LIN Bus system to identify any physical damages or disconnections that might be causing communication failures.
  • Use diagnostic tools to trace and confirm the continuity and integrity of the LIN Bus network. Ensure that all connections are secure and that no corrosion or wear is interfering with signal transmission.
  • Check the engine speed control module for any faults or errors. Verify that it is correctly powered and functioning as intended.
  • Review software settings and configurations in both the AIC and the engine speed control module to ensure they are correctly set up for communication. Update the firmware if necessary to improve compatibility and performance.
  • Reset the involved components to clear any transient errors or glitches that might be affecting communication.
  • After implementing these corrective actions, perform a test run to ensure that the AIC is now successfully receiving messages from the engine speed control module, and that full functionality has been restored.


Regular monitoring and maintenance of the communication networks like the LIN Bus are crucial for ensuring that all components within the control system interact seamlessly. Immediate and proactive troubleshooting of any communication issues is essential to maintaining the reliable operation of the machinery and preventing operational disruptions.