AIC 520285.02 – Armrest Hitch Controls Module Circuit Fault. John Deere AIC System Alert.

AIC 520285.02 (AIC )

Code: 520285.02



This error code, AIC 520285.02, identifies a fault within the armrest hitch controls module, specifically with the rear hitch lock button. The button is not operating as intended, which might be due to electrical issues within the module, a faulty button mechanism, or disruption in the circuit connectivity. This kind of fault can impede the precise control required for hitch operations, crucial for towing and linkage.


To prevent unintended hitch movements and ensure safety, the control unit has disabled the functionality of the rear hitch lock button.


  • Start by examining the rear hitch lock button on the armrest hitch controls module for any physical damage or signs of wear that could affect its functionality.
  • Test the electrical continuity of the button and the circuit it operates within using a multimeter. This can help identify any breaks or shorts in the circuit.
  • Check for loose connections or corroded contacts that might be impairing the button’s operation. Ensure all wiring is securely fastened and in good condition.
  • Replace the faulty button or repair any damaged components in the circuit. It may be necessary to replace the entire module if the button cannot be fixed independently.
  • After repairs, recalibrate the hitch control settings if necessary and conduct a full system test to ensure the functionality has been fully restored and is operating correctly without further faults.


Regular maintenance and prompt attention to control module issues are critical to maintaining the functionality and safety of agricultural machinery. Keeping all controls in good working order ensures reliable operation and extends the equipment’s operational lifespan.