AIC 520872.02 – AIC Control Unit Fault. John Deere AIC System Alert.

AIC 520872.02 (AIC )

Code: 520872.02



This code, AIC 520872.02, flags a critical issue within the Armrest Interface Control Unit (AIC) involving a calibration fault or a failure in the calibration memory. This problem can arise from corrupted calibration data or hardware malfunctions within the unit’s memory storage system, impairing the AIC’s ability to accurately maintain and apply operational settings.


To mitigate potential errors and maintain operational safety, the system has disabled the functions reliant on this calibration data, effectively preventing the use of potentially incorrect configurations.


  • Begin by performing a thorough diagnostic examination to pinpoint the specific nature of the calibration fault. Utilize diagnostic software to assess the integrity of the calibration data.
  • Examine the hardware components responsible for storing calibration data, especially focusing on EEPROM or similar memory components, for any signs of damage or wear that might affect their functionality.
  • Attempt to reinitialize or recalibrate the AIC, ensuring that all settings are restored to manufacturer specifications. Ensure to backup any vital configuration data before proceeding with recalibration.
  • If recalibration attempts fail, consider replacing the faulty memory components or the entire AIC unit if necessary to resolve the issue.
  • Once repairs or replacements are made, retest the system comprehensively to verify that the AIC is operating correctly and the calibration issues have been resolved.


Regular checks and maintenance of the control unit’s calibration and memory systems are crucial in preventing such faults. Keeping the firmware and software updated and promptly addressing any signs of malfunction helps in sustaining the equipment’s performance and operational reliability.