AIC 521133.31 – CommandQuad™ Range Switches Conflict. John Deere AIC System Alert.

AIC 521133.31 (AIC )

Code: 521133.31



This error code, AIC 521133.31, is generated when a fault with the CommandQuad™ transmission’s range switch B causes it, and potentially other switches, to be erroneously read as being pressed simultaneously. This simultaneous activation leads to conflicting signals being sent to the transmission system, which can result in incorrect gear selections and potential operational hazards.


As a preventive measure against potential transmission damage and to ensure safety, the control unit has placed the vehicle in a recoverable PARK position, halting any further movement until the conflict is resolved.


  • Inspect range switch B and any other affected switches for mechanical issues that might cause them to stick in the pressed position. Look for physical obstructions, dirt, or wear that could impede normal switch operation.
  • Use diagnostic equipment to individually test the functionality of each implicated switch. Ensure that they are correctly registering pressed and unpressed states without interference.
  • Examine the electrical wiring and connectors for each implicated switch, looking for shorts or other wiring issues that could cause erroneous readings.
  • Replace any faulty switches or repair any identified electrical issues. Ensure that all new or repaired components are correctly installed and fully integrated into the system.
  • After completing repairs, recalibrate the affected transmission settings and conduct extensive testing to ensure all conflicts are resolved and that the vehicle can safely exit the PARK position.


Regular checks and maintenance of transmission range switches are crucial for the safe and efficient operation of machinery equipped with CommandQuad™ systems. Addressing conflicts promptly helps maintain operational reliability and prevents more severe mechanical or safety issues.