AIC 521422.02 – LIN Bus Communication Fault in Hitch Controls. John Deere System Alert.

AIC 521422.02 (AIC )

Code: 521422.02



This error code denotes a critical issue within the Armrest Hitch Controls Module due to an incorrect LIN Bus message originating from the LIN Bus Module at Position M. It highlights a data transfer problem between the AIC control software and the designated LIN Bus module, pointing to an underlying issue either in the LIN Bus system itself or the specific transmitting module.


As a precautionary measure and to mitigate the risk of operational errors, the control unit has reduced the functionality of the hitch control system, limiting certain features until the fault is resolved.


  • Evaluate the LIN Bus Module at Position M: Conduct a detailed inspection of the LIN Bus module for any signs of malfunction or internal errors that could affect its performance.
  • Test Communication Paths: Utilize specialized diagnostic tools to assess the communication pathways and the integrity of data transmission within the LIN Bus system.
  • Address Connectivity and Wiring Concerns: Ensure all connections are secure and intact, repairing any damages or loose connections that could disrupt the communication flow.
  • Consider Module Replacement: If the module is found to be defective, replacing it may be necessary to restore full functionality to the hitch controls.
  • Reset and Operational Verification: After making necessary adjustments or replacements, perform a system reset and carry out comprehensive functional tests to confirm that the communication error has been rectified and that the system operates correctly.


Regular monitoring and preventative maintenance of the communication systems in agricultural equipment are essential to avoid faults that can lead to reduced functionality. Prompt attention to communication errors ensures that operations remain efficient and machinery downtime is minimized, thereby sustaining the equipment’s operational readiness and safety.