AIC 522077.11 – Fault in iTEC™ Program Selection Switch. John Deere System Alert.

AIC 522077.11 (AIC )

Code: 522077.11



This error code indicates a malfunction with the iTEC™ program selection switch, which has been pressed for an excessively long duration. This behavior suggests that the switch may be stuck or contaminated with dirt, which prevents it from releasing properly and functioning as intended.


Due to this fault, the control software has limited or entirely disabled the functionality of the iTEC™ program selection switch to prevent erroneous operations and maintain system integrity.


  • Inspect and Clean the Switch: Examine the iTEC™ program selection switch for any signs of dirt, debris, or physical damage that could be causing it to stick. Clean the switch thoroughly, using appropriate cleaning agents if necessary.
  • Check for Mechanical Issues: Ensure that the switch mechanism is not obstructed or damaged. Look for any signs of wear or mechanical failure that might necessitate repair or replacement.
  • Test Switch Functionality: After cleaning and any necessary repairs, test the switch to ensure it is operating smoothly and releasing properly without additional pressure.
  • Replace the Switch if Required: If the switch continues to malfunction despite cleaning and maintenance, consider replacing it to restore full functionality to the iTEC™ system.
  • System Reset and Testing: Reset the system settings to ensure that any software limitations set due to the switch fault are cleared. Perform comprehensive testing to confirm that the switch and the iTEC™ program selection are functioning correctly.


Regular maintenance of control switches and sensors is essential to prevent operational disruptions and ensure the effective functioning of farm machinery. Proper care and timely intervention can extend the life of such components and enhance the overall performance of the equipment.