AIC 522189.03 – High Voltage Fault in iTEC™ Program Selection Switch. John Deere System Alert.

AIC 522189.03 (AIC )

Code: 522189.03



This error code points to an electrical issue with the iTEC™ program selection switch, specifically identifying that the voltage at the switch is abnormally high, suggesting a short to a 12V source. This condition indicates a potential electrical short circuit within the switch wiring or related components, which could compromise the switch’s functionality and safety.


Due to the detected high voltage, the control software has either limited or completely disabled the functionality of the iTEC™ program selection switch to prevent further electrical issues or potential damage to the system.


  • Inspect Wiring for Short Circuits: Check the wiring connected to the iTEC™ switch for any signs of short circuits, such as frayed wires, exposed conductors, or connections that might inadvertently contact a 12V source.
  • Diagnose Electrical Components: Utilize electrical diagnostic tools to pinpoint the source of the high voltage. Pay special attention to the insulation and routing of wires.
  • Repair or Replace Damaged Wiring: Any compromised wiring or components should be repaired or replaced immediately to resolve the short circuit issue.
  • Test Switch Functionality: Once repairs have been made, thoroughly test the iTEC™ switch to ensure it operates at normal voltage levels and functions correctly across all program selections.
  • Reset the System and Conduct Final Tests: After addressing the electrical fault, reset the system to clear any protective limits set by the control software. Conduct comprehensive tests to verify full restoration of functionality and ensure no further voltage irregularities.


Regular electrical maintenance and vigilant inspection of control switches and associated wiring are essential in agricultural machinery to prevent electrical faults and ensure operational reliability. Addressing issues promptly can help avoid more severe complications and maintain the effective performance of the equipment.