AIC 523349.03 – High Voltage Fault in AutoTrac™ Switch. John Deere System Alert.

AIC 523349.03 (AIC )

Code: 523349.03



This error code, AIC 523349.03, indicates a high voltage issue within the AutoTrac™ switch circuit, with the circuit either being open or shorted to 12 volts. Such a condition suggests an electrical short or a fault in the wiring that directs excessive voltage to the switch, potentially causing damage or erratic behavior.


The control unit has responded by limiting or completely disabling the functionality of the AutoTrac™ switch to prevent any damage to the electrical system or incorrect operation of the machinery.


  • Inspect Wiring and Electrical Connections: Check the wiring and connections associated with the AutoTrac™ switch for any signs of damage, wear, or improper connections that might lead to a short to 12 volts. Look for exposed wires, poor insulation, or loose connections.
  • Diagnose Circuit Integrity: Use electrical testing tools to diagnose the integrity of the circuit. Check for continuity, proper voltage levels, and any unexpected pathways that could indicate a short.
  • Repair or Replace Faulty Wiring: Repair or replace any faulty wiring or components that are contributing to the high voltage condition. Ensure that all electrical repairs meet safety standards.
  • Test Switch Operation: After addressing the electrical issues, test the switch to ensure that it operates correctly at the appropriate voltage levels without recurrence of the high voltage issue.
  • System Reset and Operational Verification: Reset the system to clear any fault states set by the control software. Perform a full operational test to confirm that the AutoTrac™ switch functions properly and integrates with the system’s overall controls.


Maintaining the electrical safety of control systems in machinery is critical. Regular inspections and proactive maintenance can prevent electrical faults like shorts and over-voltage conditions, thereby safeguarding the machinery from operational disruptions and potential damage.