AIC 523349.11 – Stuck AutoTrac™ Switch. John Deere System Advisory.

AIC 523349.11 (AIC )

Code: 523349.11



This error code indicates a malfunction with the AutoTrac™ switch, specifically that it has been pressed for an excessively long duration, suggesting that the switch might be stuck or jammed. This could be due to mechanical issues like debris accumulation or a defect in the switch mechanism that prevents it from returning to its neutral position.


The control software has responded by limiting or completely disabling the functionality of the AutoTrac™ switch to prevent unintended or continuous activation, which could lead to operational inconsistencies or safety concerns.


  • Inspect the AutoTrac™ Switch: Examine the switch for any signs of physical damage or debris that could be causing it to stick. Check for wear or deterioration which might affect the switch’s ability to function properly.
  • Clean and Lubricate the Switch: If dirt or residue is present, clean the switch thoroughly. Applying a suitable lubricant may help restore smooth operation.
  • Replace Faulty Switch if Necessary: If the switch is found to be defective or continues to stick despite cleaning, it should be replaced to ensure reliable operation.
  • Test the Switch Operation: After cleaning or replacing the switch, test it to ensure that it operates smoothly and resets properly after being pressed.
  • System Reset and Functional Verification: Reset the control system to clear any error states and perform a comprehensive functional test to verify that the AutoTrac™ system operates as intended without further issues from the switch.


Regular checks and maintenance of the control switches are essential to prevent mechanical faults and ensure the smooth operation of farming machinery. Proactive care and timely repairs can significantly extend the life of such components and enhance overall equipment performance.