AIC 523745.11 – Stuck iTEC™ Program Selection Switch. John Deere System Alert.

AIC 523745.11 (AIC )

Code: 523745.11



This error code, AIC 523745.11, signals a fault with the iTEC™ program selection switch, specifically that it has been pressed for an excessively long period. This prolonged activation typically indicates that the switch may be stuck or contaminated with debris, preventing it from returning to its neutral position after being engaged.


As a result of this issue, the control software has either limited or completely disabled the functionality of the iTEC™ program selection switch. This precautionary measure is intended to prevent unintended commands or errors in the iTEC™ programming that could affect operations adversely.


  • Inspect and Clean the Switch: Carefully examine the iTEC™ program selection switch for any signs of dirt, grime, or physical damage that could cause it to stick. Clean the switch thoroughly, removing any debris or contaminants.
  • Test the Switch Mechanism: After cleaning, manually test the switch to ensure it can easily move back and forth between positions without sticking. If the issue persists, the switch may need more detailed attention.
  • Replace the Switch if Necessary: If cleaning and manual testing do not resolve the sticking issue, consider replacing the switch entirely to ensure reliable functionality.
  • Calibrate and Test System: Once the switch has been cleaned or replaced, recalibrate the system settings associated with the iTEC™ program selection to ensure correct operation. Test the system thoroughly to verify that the switch activates and deactivates the desired functions appropriately.
  • System Reset and Operational Verification: Reset the system to clear any error messages and restore full functionality. Conduct a comprehensive operational test to ensure no other issues remain and that the switch is performing correctly within the system’s context.


Regular maintenance of mechanical and electrical components like switches is crucial for preventing malfunctions that could lead to operational downtime or safety hazards. Ensuring that switches and other interface components are kept clean and in good working order can significantly enhance the reliability and efficiency of machinery operations.