AIC 523804.02 – Lateral Detent Switch Circuit Fault in Multi-Function Lever. John Deere System Notification.

AIC 523804.02 (AIC )

Code: 523804.02



This error code, AIC 523804.02, relates to a fault detected in the lateral detent switch of the multi-function lever. This issue typically indicates a malfunction within the switch’s circuit, such as electrical shorts, open circuits, or component failures that impact the switch’s ability to function correctly. The lateral detent switch is critical for controlling the lever’s side-to-side positioning and locking mechanisms.


Due to the fault identified in the lateral detent switch circuit, the control unit has disabled the corresponding function on the multi-function lever. This preventive measure is taken to avoid unintended operations or malfunctions that could compromise safety or operational efficiency.


  • Inspect the Multi-Function Lever and Lateral Detent Switch: Check for any signs of physical damage or wear on the lever and switch that could affect their operation. Ensure that the switch mechanism is not obstructed or visibly damaged.
  • Diagnose Electrical Circuitry: Utilize diagnostic tools to assess the electrical connections and circuitry associated with the lateral detent switch. Look for any signs of shorts, corrosion, or disconnections that could be causing the fault.
  • Repair or Replace Faulty Components: If any problems are identified during the diagnostics, repair or replace the damaged wiring or faulty switch components to restore proper function.
  • Test Switch Functionality: After repairs are completed, test the lateral detent switch to ensure that it operates correctly and engages the lever’s detent positions without issue.
  • System Reset and Operational Verification: Reset the system to clear any error codes. Perform a comprehensive functional test to verify that the multi-function lever and its lateral detent switch are fully operational and no longer exhibit any faults.


Maintaining the functional integrity of the multi-function lever and its associated switches is vital for the safe and efficient operation of machinery. Regular checks, timely repairs, and proper calibration of such components are essential to prevent operational disruptions and ensure the machinery performs reliably under various working conditions.