AIC 523805.04 – Low Voltage Fault in Multi-Function Lever Fore-Aft Axis. John Deere System Notification.

AIC 523805.04 (AIC )

Code: 523805.04



This error code, AIC 523805.04, indicates a low voltage issue or a potential short to ground within the fore-aft axis circuitry of the multi-function lever. Low voltage in this context could compromise the lever’s functionality, leading to inaccurate control or failure to respond, which may be caused by issues such as poor wiring, degraded connections, or faulty components.


The control software has responded to this electrical fault by limiting or completely disabling the functionality of the multi-function lever’s fore-aft axis. This action prevents potential malfunctions and ensures safety by avoiding unintended lever movements.


  • Inspect Electrical Wiring and Connectors: Check the wiring and connectors associated with the fore-aft axis of the multi-function lever for signs of damage, wear, or corrosion that might be causing the voltage drop.
  • Diagnose the Electrical Circuit: Use electrical diagnostic tools to identify specific areas within the circuit that are contributing to the low voltage. Focus on detecting shorts to ground or breaks in the circuit that could impede voltage flow.
  • Repair or Replace Faulty Components: Address any identified issues by repairing or replacing damaged wiring, connectors, or other electrical components. Ensure all repairs adhere to high standards to prevent future issues.
  • Test and Calibrate the Lever: Once the electrical issues have been resolved, test the multi-function lever to ensure that it operates correctly and reliably across its full range of motion, particularly along the fore-aft axis.
  • System Reset and Comprehensive Testing: Reset the control system to clear any fault indications. Perform a comprehensive operational test to verify that the lever and its associated controls are fully functional and responding accurately.


Maintaining the electrical integrity of control systems like the multi-function lever is crucial for the reliable operation of machinery. Routine inspections and immediate rectification of voltage issues are essential to avoid operational disruptions and ensure the machinery performs efficiently and safely.