AIC 524104.09 – SCV III Control Lever Switch/Sensor Conflict. John Deere System Alert.

AIC 524104.09 (AIC )

Code: 524104.09



The error code AIC 524104.09 reflects a conflict within the SCV III (Selective Control Valve III) system, where the detent switch on the SCV III control lever is conflicting with the sensor voltage. This indicates that the lever’s mechanical position does not match the electrical signals being sent by the sensor. The issue can affect the accuracy and functionality of the SCV III, which is critical for controlling various hydraulic functions on the equipment.


Despite the issue being related to SCV III, the control unit response has mistakenly disabled SCV IV. This could indicate a misconfiguration in the system’s programming or an error in the error reporting mechanism, and it might require further investigation to ensure correct system responses in the future.


  • Inspect the SCV III Control Lever: Examine the control lever for any physical issues such as wear, damage, or improper alignment. Check the detent switch specifically for its functionality and physical condition.
  • Diagnose Electrical and Sensor Issues: Utilize diagnostic tools to evaluate the electrical connections and the voltage output from the sensor at SCV III. Ensure that the readings correspond correctly to the lever’s positions.
  • Correct Any Identified Faults: If the sensor or wiring is found to be defective, repair or replace these components. Ensure that all connections are secure and that components are functioning as intended after replacement.
  • Calibrate the System: Recalibrate the sensor and control lever setup to align the mechanical positions with the electrical outputs accurately.
  • Verify System Configuration: Check the control unit’s programming to ensure that the correct SCV is being disabled in response to detected faults. Rectify any misconfigurations found.
  • System Reset and Testing: After repairs and recalibration, reset the system to clear any fault states. Conduct comprehensive tests to ensure that both SCV III and IV (if involved) are functioning correctly and that the issue has been resolved.


It’s crucial for the safety and functionality of hydraulic systems to maintain accurate alignment between control levers and their sensors. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to discrepancies are vital. Also, ensuring that the control unit software is correctly configured to respond appropriately to detected issues is essential for preventing mismanagement of system resources and potential operational hazards.