AIC 524224.02 – Rear PTO Switch Fault. John Deere System Notification.

AIC 524224.02 (AIC )

Code: 524224.02



The error code AIC 524224.02 is triggered by a malfunction in the rear Power Take-Off (PTO) switch, where the ON and OFF contacts are incorrectly sending the same signal. This issue typically points to a defective circuit within the switch mechanism, potentially caused by a short, wiring fault, or internal switch failure, which prevents the switch from properly differentiating between the ON and OFF states.


In response to this fault, the control software has limited or completely disabled the functionality of the rear PTO to prevent erroneous operation or potential damage to the PTO system and associated machinery. This safeguard helps to avoid unintended engagements of the PTO which could be hazardous.


  • Inspect the Rear PTO Switch: Check the PTO switch for signs of physical damage, corrosion, or contamination that might impede its function. Ensure that the switch mechanism moves freely and does not stick in any position.
  • Test Electrical Connectivity: Utilize electrical testing tools to assess the continuity and functionality of the switch contacts. This test will help determine if the identical signals are due to an electrical short or a fault in the wiring.
  • Replace or Repair Faulty Switch: If the switch is found to be defective, replace it to restore proper operation. Ensure that all connections are secure and properly insulated during the replacement.
  • Verify Switch Operation: After replacing the switch, test it to ensure that it now correctly differentiates between the ON and OFF positions and that the corresponding signals are distinct and accurate.
  • System Reset and Functional Testing: Reset the control system to clear the fault and restore default settings. Conduct a comprehensive test to confirm that the rear PTO is operating correctly and safely under all conditions.


Regular maintenance and prompt attention to the functionality of control switches are crucial for the safe and efficient operation of PTO systems. It is important to address any signs of electrical issues or mechanical wear immediately to prevent further complications and ensure the continued reliability and safety of the machinery. Keeping the PTO switch and its circuit in good working order helps maintain operational efficiency and prevents downtime.