ASU 524011.03 – Active Seat Accelerometer Circuit Voltage High. John Deere System Advisory.

ASU 524011.03 (ASU )

Code: 524011.03



Error code ASU 524011.03 indicates a fault in the accelerometer circuit of the Active Seat Unit (ASU) in John Deere machinery, characterized by an abnormally high voltage reading exceeding 4.5 volts. This high voltage in the accelerometer circuit could suggest issues such as electrical overcharge, faulty components, or improper circuit calibration affecting the seat’s stability control mechanisms.


The seat is automatically disabled while this code is active to prevent potential issues that could arise from incorrect accelerometer data, such as improper seat adjustments or stability control.


  • Inspect Accelerometer and Associated Wiring: Examine the accelerometer and its wiring for signs of damage or corrosion. Ensure all connections are secure and intact.
  • Voltage Testing: Use a multimeter to test the voltage levels within the accelerometer circuit to confirm if they consistently exceed the normal range.
  • Replace Faulty Components: If any component of the accelerometer circuit is found to be defective or causing the voltage spike, replace it immediately.
  • Calibrate the Circuit: After any necessary replacements, recalibrate the accelerometer circuit to ensure it operates within the specified voltage range.
  • System Reset and Functionality Test: Reset the ASU system to clear the fault code. Perform a functionality test to ensure the accelerometer and the seat’s stability controls are operating as intended.
  • Monitor Performance: Continue to monitor the system’s performance to ensure the voltage levels remain within normal specifications and that no further issues arise.


Maintaining the proper function of the accelerometer is crucial for the active seat’s stability and safety features. Regular monitoring and maintenance of this circuit help prevent malfunctions that could affect the operator’s comfort and safety, ensuring the machinery operates efficiently and safely.