ASU 524012.03 – Active Seat Position Sensor Circuit Voltage High. John Deere System Advisory.

ASU 524012.03 (ASU )

Code: 524012.03



Error code ASU 524012.03 is triggered when the Active Seat Unit (ASU) in John Deere machinery detects that the voltage in the seat position sensor circuit exceeds 5.0 volts. This unusually high voltage reading can indicate issues such as an electrical overload, a malfunctioning sensor, or incorrect wiring, which could disrupt the accurate sensing of the seat’s position.


The seat is disabled while this code is active, ensuring that no adjustments are made under potentially erroneous sensor inputs, which could compromise the operator’s safety or comfort.


  • Inspect Seat Position Sensor and Wiring: Check the seat position sensor and its associated wiring for any signs of damage or incorrect connections that might lead to high voltage readings.
  • Voltage Testing: Use a multimeter to test the voltage levels in the sensor circuit to confirm they consistently exceed the normal range and to help locate the source of the issue.
  • Replace Faulty Sensor or Wiring: If the sensor or wiring is defective, replace these components to ensure the circuit operates within the correct voltage parameters.
  • Calibrate Sensor: After any necessary component replacements, recalibrate the seat position sensor to guarantee accurate operation.
  • System Reset and Functional Testing: Reset the ASU system to clear the fault code. Perform functional tests to ensure that the seat position sensor now accurately detects and responds to seat adjustments.
  • Monitor System Performance: Continue monitoring the sensor’s performance after repairs to ensure no further voltage irregularities occur.


Regularly checking the electrical and sensor systems in active seat units is vital to maintaining the proper functioning of the equipment. Early detection and resolution of voltage issues can prevent more severe problems down the line, ensuring both safety and operational efficiency.