ATC 000170.04 – Inside Air Temperature Sensor Voltage Too Low. John Deere System Advisory.

ATC 000170.04 (ATC 170.04)

Code: 000170.04

Shortcode: 170.04


The error code, ATC 000170.04, is triggered when the control unit detects a voltage of 0 volts at the signal input of the inside air temperature sensor (B127, lead 2007). This low voltage is indicative of a short to ground in the circuit, which can disrupt the sensor’s ability to accurately measure and report cabin air temperature, potentially affecting the comfort and operational controls within the cabin.


A voltage drop to zero at the inside air temperature sensor can lead to malfunctions in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system, possibly resulting in no control over the cabin temperature. This can significantly affect operator comfort and even safety under certain conditions.


  • Inspect Wiring for Shorts: Carefully examine the wiring, especially around sensor B127 and lead 2007, for any signs of damage or contact with the ground that could cause a short.
  • Check Connectors and Grounds: Ensure that all connectors are secure and free of corrosion, and that grounding points are properly installed and not contributing to electrical faults.
  • Replace Damaged Wiring or Sensor: If any wires are found damaged or the sensor itself is malfunctioning, replace these components to restore proper function.
  • Test Circuit After Repairs: Use a multimeter to test the circuit post-repair to ensure that normal voltage levels are restored and the sensor is operational.
  • Reset Fault Codes and Verify HVAC Operation: After corrective actions, clear any stored fault codes and test the HVAC system to confirm it regulates cabin temperature effectively.


Preventive maintenance and regular checks of the HVAC system’s sensors and electrical circuits can help avoid disruptions in cabin comfort and ensure reliable operation. Addressing electrical issues promptly is crucial to maintaining the functionality and comfort of your John Deere equipment’s interior environment.