ATC 000876.00 – Compressor Clutch Overcurrent Fault. John Deere System Advisory.

ATC 000876.00 (ATC 876.00)

Code: 000876.00

Shortcode: 876.00


The error code, ATC 000876.00, is triggered when the power module (HF) PC6 measures a total amperage in excess of 40 amps at the outputs A1, C1, and D1. This condition typically indicates a short to ground or a faulty component within one of the monitored circuits. The circuits affected include:

  • Output A1: M02 compressor clutch.
  • Output C1: E27 beacon light.
  • Output D1: E20/R and E20/L worklights on cab frame (right and left).
  • Output D1: E36R and E36L xenon (HID) worklights on cab frame (right and left).


Current overload protection will be activated to prevent further damage or potential electrical hazards, which may lead to the temporary deactivation of the affected outputs, including the compressor clutch and various lighting.


  • Inspect and Test Affected Outputs: Check each of the outputs (A1, C1, D1) for signs of damage, wear, or short circuits. Use a multimeter to test for unusual resistance or direct shorts to ground.
  • Replace or Repair Faulty Components: Identify and replace any faulty components that are contributing to the overcurrent condition. This may include the compressor clutch, beacon light, or any of the specified worklights.
  • Check Wiring Harness: Examine the wiring harness for damage, corrosion, or loose connections that could cause overcurrent issues.
  • Reset and Recalibrate the Power Module: After repairs are made, reset the power module and recalibrate it to ensure it does not trigger an overload protection prematurely.
  • Test System Operation: Once repairs and adjustments are made, test the system thoroughly to ensure that all functions are normal and no additional fault codes are triggered.


Addressing overcurrent issues promptly is crucial to prevent potential damage to the electrical system and ensure continued reliable operation of machinery. Regular maintenance and checks can help catch and correct issues before they lead to larger problems, thereby enhancing the longevity and functionality of your John Deere equipment.